RFPs and Roadshows

Don't expect money from someone you haven't looked in the eye and shaken their hand

We work to find suitable clients for your strategy and proceed to make introductions to interested consultants, institutions and family offices. Increased name recognition along with initial conference calls and meeting invitations are the goal.

When appropriate, we will arrange roadshows to introduce you personally to the institutional community. We will schedule flights and hotel accomodations and work within your schedule. Our goal is to take up as little of the money manager's time as possible in order to allow them to devote proper attention to their portfolio.

We will work with you to complete RFPs and to create a compelling finals presentations. We will assess the competition and tailor each presentation to the appropriate audience. We have significant public speaking experience and can coach and aid you in the actual finals presentation. Meeting preparation involves much more than putting together a PowerPoint presentation and a few printed materials. We will drill you with preliminary questions and scenarios to make sure that you appear your best during any actual presentation or meeting.