Why to Hire a Third Party Marketer

You really don't need to do it all...

Being a money manager is hard work. There are an incredible number of business tasks that pull you away from what ultimately drives your business success; the essential tasks of research and portfolio management.

Marketing is a full time job. It is not something that should be done in your spare time. Creating and updating presentation materials, filling out databases, sending out e-mails, updating charts and websites, meeting with potential clients and keeping up with industry trends all take a significant effort. Today's institutional investor requires more information than ever and we can help you meet those rigorous demands.

There are a number of additional benefits to having an independent marketer. Telling clients how incredible you are sounds a lot better coming from us than yourself. There is a reason even the most talented actors have agents.

People often call what we do marketing or distribution, but anyway you cut it, we are in sales. Our background is firmly grounded in advertising and marketing, but we can talk Sharpe Ratios and Modern Portfolio Theory with the best of them. Our ability and eagerness to understand the details of your investment philosophy are something that set us apart.